We’re often asked, which shave is better?   The classic (we call it “old-school”) straight razor shave or our “Not Just a Shave” which is performed with the more modern 3-bladed razor.  The answer:  It depends…

Both types of razors can get you a really close, smooth shave.  Some would say you can get closer with a straight razor – Which is true when you’re in the care of a well-trained barber/cosmetologist.  Others will say that straight razor shaves tend to be more irritating on the skin, particularly around the neck and just above the chin.  And, the best way to address that problem is through proper pre- and post-shave treatment.  Of particular importance is the pre-shave treatment.

To reduce irritation, we use (and sell) Bearded Dragon shave oil.  Applied prior to the shave cream, the oil prepares the skin’s surface by creating a layer of lubricant that allows the razor to glide smoothly across the skin.  Used in combination with a a quality shaving cream, you can (more effectively) pull the skin taut to create a smooth, even surface for the razor to traverse.  This also helps in having the hair stand straighter thus cutting it closer and reduce the number of times the razor must pass the same area.  In addition, shave oil helps keep the skin moist throughout the shave.  The aloe strip on a disposable razor performs the same function.

Finally, once the shave is complete, its vital to apply the proper post-shave lotion.  This helps the skin by cooling the surface (literally) an

d reduces the possibility of bacteria penetrating open pours which is a common cause of razor bumps.  So a small amount of alcohol or other astringent should one of the ingredients in the post shave lotion.  At MenZone, we have a few other tricks we use in our shaving services that produce superior results and minimize irritation.

A few other benefits of a straight razor shave…  Precision.  If you have existing facial hair (you want to keep) nothing beats a straight razor to create the perfect hard line for  a goatee or chin-strap style beard.  Equally, if you a prefer that clean-shaven look, its often difficult to effectively shave the area just below the nose with a typical multi-blade razor.  Not a problem with a straight razor.

All this being said, a good cross section of our clients advise that they still prefer the multi-blade razor shaves because of the comfort they provide.  So in the end, its up to you.  We invite you to tell us which you prefer and why.

Finally, for those of you manly men who sport a mustache or full beard…  We carry the full line of Bearded Dragon beard oils and mustache wax.  Come on in and  give any of their products a try.