Waxing —

We know, just saying the word aloud sends shivers down your spine. Its okay, we’re here to help you adjust to this new trend in men’s grooming. Many of you are asking, “What can you wax?” That’s easy, pretty much every surface of your body except the hair on your head and your beard hair.The next question is “What does MenZone wax?” We wax everything from the waist up and the thigh down… Sorry gents, we have to draw the line somewhere. Here are a few more FAQ’s to help ease you into the idea that waxing is a good thing.

What should I get waxed?

This is based on preference. Our most common waxing services are the ears, nose and eye brows. If you are a ‘grizzly’ man you may want to consider getting your back waxed as well. We also offer chest waxing, though it is less common than the back. For those of you who compete in triathlons, it is common to get your legs and arms waxed which helps reduce water resistance and dirt/mud clinging.

Does it hurt?

Well, it doesn’t tickle. No-pain no-gain right? In all honesty the brows and the ears are a cake walk. Your nose hurts less then ripping afresh band-aid off your leg (provided your leg has hair). The rest is a little more uncomfortable. Exactly how much it hurts depends entirely on your individual sensitivity and how coarse your hair is. Some areas will be more painful than others. Most guys say the back of the neck and near the armpit area hurt the most. The most common phrase we hear from first time wax clients is, “Wow, that didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to.” So don’t worry and the best part is it only lasts about an hour for body waxing and only 10 minutes for facial waxing.

A nose wax?! What is that?

Yes, we do nose waxing. We take a popsicle stick and put wax on the tip of the stick then gently place the stick just inside the lower portion of your nostril. Once the wax has dried, we pull it all out…wax, stick and hair in one quick tug. No, you do not NEED that hair. Yes, you do need some hair in your nose to filter what you inhale but you have little hairs that line your entire nasal passage. The stuff we pull out is just in the lower portion of your nose. If you read our Beards 101 Blog you know that it is not ok when your nose hair becomes one with your moustache. This is a quick way to correct that problem.

How long will I be hair free?

Just like the hair on your head, it grows at different speeds for everyone. You will be completely hair free for 10-14 days. After that, the hairs will slowly start to grow back but will be very fine and barely noticeable for another 1-2 weeks. You will see full regrowth in about 7-8weeks.