Gentlemen, all of you trust us at MenZone with your hair-care and styling needs.  We do our best to make you look your best.  But did you know that we’re also experts in skin-care? (Yes, women look at more than just your hair). And did you also know that in your earlier years, men actually have stronger, thicker skin than women?  This means that guys start-off with better skin than women.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, men age better than women but that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on genetics.  It also means that by using the right skin-care regimen and products to address your skin’s surface problems you have the potential to maintain great skin as you age.  So let’s explore some ways to shed a few, perhaps even several years off your handsome appearance!

Men tend to spend less time on caring for the skin not realizing the lasting damage it’s causing. Also, the expression, “You are what you eat” should be taken literally. — Too much caffeine is a big no-no.  Poor diet, with excessive fats and oils will often lead to problems as well.  Exercise and stress not only affects your body it also starts to appear on your face.

One step to combat these problems is to stay hydrated, especially in our dry climate! Beyond that, there are a few simple ways that will make a huge difference to how a man’s skin looks and feels.  All of these are included in MenZone’s Facial Services designed for just for men.


Cleanse the face:  This step of the facial addresses the free radical damage from sun exposure, removes dirt, grit and oils.  And no, standing under the shower for 5 minutes with a bar of Irish Spring doesn’t do the whole job!

Exfoliation:  This essential step is necessary once a week, then eventually twice a month to remove any deep-down dirt, grime and chemicals on the skin due to the increased level of pollutants the skin is exposed to everyday.  More important, it aids in the removal of dead skin cells that build up trapping dirt and pollutants, causing that dry, aged look.

Mask:  This targets your skin type – Dry, oily, combination and even sensitive skin, to condition the skin.  And the masks we use and sell at MenZone, won’t leave you smelling like a daffodil either.

Toner:  Brings PH balance back to your skin, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.  You really can feel the difference!

Moisturizer:  Last but not least, this step is very important because it helps to promote hydration, regeneration of skin cells, improves and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.  Using a good quality moisturizer is important and if you spend much time in the sun, you already know that you’re increasing the risk of cases skin cancer.  Using a moisturizer with a UV protecting sun-block may also reduce those risks.

Now I know this might seem too much for men to do on their own – But that’s where we step in and perform our service to allow you to relax and enjoy the ride… All you have to do is sit back and relax… Help us help you!  Many of you love and enjoy our ever-popular, relaxing, gentle, hand massage and mini-manzicures (manicure).   So why not add our popular Save Face facials. Not only will you enjoy one of our famous, relaxing services, but you will also improve your skin all at the same time.