Let’s face it gents, “skinny hair” is a problem. Whether you’re 25 or 75 it affects men of all ages but you don’t have to let it win. Hair plugs or micro-grafts (both surgical procedures) are not the only answer these days. New technology has allowed us to get to the root of the problem, pun intended, so we can treat the issue from all angles. First let’s talk about why that hair is so “skinny.”

1. Dihydrotestosterone: That’s right, you are just too freaking manly. You are bubbling over with a form of testosterone. OK…in all seriousness, dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a hormone that your body produces which blocks receptor sites in the hair follicle that normally attract nutrients. In other words,your hair is starving.

2. Suffocation of the hair bulb: As collagen accumulates around the hair bulb, it hardens resulting in suffocation of the bulb that prevents the root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp. This could also be caused by excess sebum or product (wax, plastic and other residue from hair products) build-up on the scalp.

3. Decreased Microcirculation: Compression at the bulb prevents the flow of oxygen and nutrients carried by microcirculation from reaching the follicle.

Before we get to the solutions, lets clear up a few misconceptions.

1. Male Pattern Baldness: This is in your crown area ONLY. The receding hair-line is not a part of true male pattern baldness.

2. Dead Hair Follicles: I have heard rumors going both directions on this topic but here is the truth: Once a hair follicle is dead it is truly dead. Your hair stylist might be amazing but she can’t raise the deceased! There is a glimmer of hope in this truth, however. Often times you think a follicle has died but, in fact, it is just covered by layers of tough skin which are preventing any baby hair from breaking through to the surface.

3. There is nothing you can do to fix this: WRONG! Now, lets talk solutions.

So what are you going to do about it? Surgical procedures are an option, though most of you don’t have $3000-$20,000 sitting between the couch cushions to shell out. Not to mention it is an excruciating procedure. If you want something a little more reasonable in cost with no physical pain here are your options:

1. Rogaine: A well known brand that has paved the way for the hair regrowth industry. The difference between Rogaine and other alternatives discussed here is the use of Minoxidil. Minoxidil was originally used to treat high blood pressure but had delightful side effect which was the thickening of hair. However, this wasn’t just the hair on your head that was bulking up, you were turning into a great ape. It has now been put into a topical treatment so you aren’t going to grow a forest on your back unless you dip yourself in a vat of this stuff. The main problem with this product is that it must be used indefinitely. Discontinuing use of the product will result in your hair returning to its original state. There are also potentially significant medical side effects and you should read the product’s instructions very carefully.

2. Nioxin: Taking a different approach, their focus is on the health of the scalp. As I said before, a large contributor to hair thinning is the suffocation of the hair bulb. Nioxin was formulated to remove all impurities from the scalp. This could be excess sebum (oil), product build-up, dead skin cells, etc. Also fighting poor ciruclation by using Niacinamide. Complaints I’ve heard with this is, while it does seem to help with hair loss, it doesn’t do much for the texture of the hair. As a man with short hair this may not be a concern for you but it is something to consider.

3. Redken: Intra-Force: The latest company to throw their hat in the ring and they are coming in with guns blazing. Using the stepping stones Nioxin provided with technology on scalp health, Redken is taking it up a notch. While they are focused on scalp health they are also concentrated on the health of the hair itself. Simplifying the systems to just 2 (vs. Nioxin with 6) it offers a system for color treated hair as well as natural hair. As I said, Redken Intra-Force is new to the market so we haven’t had the opportunity to see first hand results yet. But, Redken has put their money money where their mouth is and is offering a Money-Back guarantee! And that’s worth keeping an eye on!

So here is the sales pitch — At least we warned you!
MenZone carries both Nioxin and Redken and any of our PHDs (Professional Hair Designers) would be happy to discuss what product may work best for you.